Why I am a Champion for this Cause

The Earth is my Mother, The Finger Lakes is my home.  Both sides of my family have lived here between Seneca and Cayuga Lake for the past 6 to 7 generations and this is where I gave birth to my own son.  This is indeed my “janmabhoomi,” the land which gave birth to my soul.  More important, it is a land sacred to the Hodenosaunee, the people of the Long House, steeped in their ancestors’ lore and now once again home to their descendents.  We must work together to raise financial support for organizations like Gas Free Seneca who are fighting off powerful threats to our health and way of life.

But this event is not just about raising money, it is above all about raising vibrations; the gathering of bodies, hearts and minds for a higher purpose.  Honoring the memories of all who have come before and all who will come after, I pray that our Finger Lakes region, so bountiful and beautiful, may continue to flourish and sustain us.  May the higher powers and spirits of the land, hearing our chants, feeling the force of our collective efforts, protect our land from pillage and rape.

It has been my privilege to share the Surya Mandala, a creative ritual action which combines Surya Namaskar (Salute to the Sun) with the powerful Gayatri mantra, with my dedicated sisters Kelly and Astrid in organizing this year’s Solstice Celebration.  We welcome the entire Finger Lakes and Central New York Yoga Community to share in invoking sacred space and time in our celebration of summer!

Here is a translation of the Gayatri Sun Invocation:

Om. I invoke that emanating source that illuminates the earth, sky and cosmos whose magnificent rays bestow upon all creation divine energy, innate intelligence, and guidance towards ultimate realization.

I hope you will join us!

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Website: http://www.suryanamaskarforworldpeace.org

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    I also want to thank Camille Doucet and my son Kapil and brother Richard, my mother Jean, my friends Sunny and Terry, Bruce, and Paulie and Mir for their contributions to our cause. Thank you for your support!

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